Offroad motor biking adventrure
Offroad motor biking adventure
Everest base camp
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About us

There is so much to see tucked away in the hills and mountains of Nepal - and so much to miss if you don't accompany to experience an exclusive motor biking adventure. We bring you such places that are rarely visited by the foreign tourists

HimalayanOffroad.Com, an adventure section of High Mountain Wave Trekking is established by a team of adventure professionals working in the tourism since more than a decade. We work to the principle that the professionals knows the land; the people, the culture, the wildlife and the stories. As such, we bring our clients to the inaccessible and hidden trails sharing our knowledge and experiences by dirt bikes.

Biking is just the beginning. With the assistance of our sister company, Mountain River Rafting, we are also able to offer a full range of whitewater trips with internationally trained and experienced guides. In fact, if it's adventure you're after, we can create a personalised trip combining trekking, whitewater rafting, jungle safaris and other exciting activities.

As you will discover, we are reliable, punctual and experienced. We will provide everything you need to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable; accommodating any special needs and diets. More than anything we love introducing Nepal to our visitors and watching them enjoy our country as much as we do.


Himalayan Off-Road Adventure Travel company Overview

Having started out as a small group of motorbiking team aimed attempting world record by motorbikes in mount everest advanced base camp. Our tours offers the stunning beauty of high mountain trails of Nepal, Tibet with high place ride with acclimatisation as possible in High Himalaya, Himalayan Off-Road Adventure Travel has become one of the most well-respected of adventure tour operators. From our very first packages to Everest base camp and remote village excursion tour in Nepal,Tibet and Bhutan. The Himalayan Off-Road Adventure Travel has expanded exponentially. We are now proud to offer a range of trekking, walking, climbing, motorbiking, biking, wildlife safari, discovery, family and other adventures to all corners of the Asia. Our website showcase a selection of the more than 100 holidays on offer. To see the full range of our holidays or to find out more about far-off lands, wilderness adventures, classic walks and the world’s best cultural highlights, visit an adventure section of Himalayan offroad Adventure Travel

"Local people are always ready to greet you wherever you go"


"A thrilling adventure, all of our tours brings you for the outrageous fun"

Location Map of Himalayan Off Road Adventure
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