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Offroad motor biking adventure
Everest base camp
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Tel: +977 1 4700770 / 4700870 Fax: +977 1 4700769

Health and Safety

Specially motor biking in Tibet involves high altitude and can be strenuous. Clients with heart and lung problems or blood diseases should consult their doctor before booking the trip.

You won't feel comfort while riding at altitudes of higher than 3000metres. You'll experience some symptoms such as periods of sleeplessness, desire to sleep more than normal, loss of appetite or stomach disorders, vivid and wild dreams while sleeping, unexpected momentary shortness of breath both at day and night, increases urination can happen before the acclimatization.

Simple medicines aspirin (dispirin), paracetamol, Ibuprofen (Aduil) or acetamenophen (tylenol), Diamox are some of the recommended medicines.

For your information, in our normal trekking and sightseeing tours, very rare cases of altitude sickness have been reported.But it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor before booking the tour to Tibet and Mount Everest base camp.

Risk and liability

High Mountain Wave Trekking will do every effort to make your journey a safe and pleasant one. Since As Tibet Tourism Authority strictly conducts all the Tibet programs, we will not be responsible for any change/ alteration of programs due to the unavoidable circumtances, sightseeing in restricted areas, problems, accidents, loss of personal belongings etc. In such cases, the clients have to bear the extra cost on the spot. THE CLIENTS TAKING THE MOTOR BIKING TOURS TO NEPAL OR TIBET AT THEIR OWN RISK. We strongly recommend our clients to be protected by insurance to cover accidents, health, emergency evacuation, loss or damage of person belongings.

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