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Bhagabati Primary School
Shree Bhagawati Primary Shool Sitkhatar – 1 Ramechhap District kindly thanks to Hammer Sogns Minghed, Denmark. Supporting one English teacher Salary starting on 1st May 2004.
Introduction Shree Bhagawati Primary School established in 1991 with the help of local people. This school has 3 class room and one office room. From the current school data there are 100 total students, (number of boys 75 and girls 25). Basically, children start to go school at the age of 4-5 years
Children play ground, drinking water - tap, simple school furniture such as table chair, black board, map.
Future Aim:

To keep regular attending for students, to develop basic English, to admit qualified teacher, to up-grade classes up to grade 5, to participate inter-school competition among regional schools, to develop basic health and sanitation.

Dear sponsor,
We would like to thank you for your kindly contribution for teacher’s Salary regularly. Miss Beli Jarga Magar is continually working at this school as a english teacher.

We hope your contribution will be continued.

Thank you
School Management Committee

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