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Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan Motorbiking tours

Sikkim, a paradise of natural beauty...

Sikkim lies nestled - and almost hidden - between Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Darjeeling in the Eastern Himalayas. This small but beautiful land is dominated by Mount Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. Religion forms an integral part of the daily lives of the Sikkimese, and Kanchenjunga is revered as their protective deity. With 200 Buddhist monasteries dotted across the tiny land, the influence of Buddhism is everywhere. Even in the remotest hamlet, the fluttering of prayer flags are a constant reminder of the teachings of Lord Buddha. Until 1975, Sikkim was an independent kingdom ruled by Chogyals (kings). The history of Sikkim's Chogyals dates back to the sixteenth century, when the first Chogyal was consecrated by three holy men at Yuksom, in West Sikkim. In 1974, following a popular movement to abolish the monarchy, Sikkim became the 22nd state of the Indian Union.
Long a restricted area, Sikkim now welcomes the visitors from around the world to share its rich heritage and natural bounty.

Bhutan, the secret Shangri la...
Bhutan is the best-kept secret in the travel industry. Due to its relative isolation, the country is not known to the outside world and until 1960, western visitors rarely visited the country. Today still, few people know of the beauty of Bhutan.
The few who do visit this magical place find an ancient Buddhist culture thriving in a landscape of incredible natural beauty.

The mountains are magnificent, the countryside green, the pure air and unpolluted and the architecture striking. Our tours and treks give you an intimate insight into Bhutan's Buddhist culture and way of life.

We at Himalayan Offroad Motor Biking tours offering you the following tours itineraries for your great motorbiking adventure in the himalayan region...
Kathmandu-Sikkim-Bhutan 12 days tours
West Bengal -Sikkim-Bhutan 13 days tour
Nepal, Sikkim motor Biking tours
West Bengal, Sikkim and Nepal 8 days tour
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