Offroad motor biking adventrure
Offroad motor biking adventure
Everest base camp
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Contact information:
P.O. Box 10115, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977 1 4700770 / 4700870 Fax: +977 1 4700769
Booking terms and coditions
High Mountain Wave Trekking Pvt. Ltd. ( referred to as "the Company" accept the clients subject to following terms and conditions:
Booking and Payment:
1 Trip booking should be placed as a part of the total cost along with the non-refundable deposit of EUR 200 or 30% whichever is bigger.
2 The balance of the total cost must be paid six weeks prior to trip departure.
Cancellation policy:
  • 4 - 6 weeks before departure by client - 50% refund.
  • 2 - 4 weeks before departure by client - 25% refund.
  • 0 - 2 weeks before departure by client - No refund.
    3 The Company reserves the right to cancel the tour without prior notice, full refund will be made in such cases.
    4 The client is required to put a security deposit of US$ 200 or equivalent at the Company for using the Company bikes or equipment that will refund in full at the end of the tour if the bike returned without any damage.
    5 No refund will be made if the client leaves the tour incomplete.
    1 The client must be holding a valid motorcycle-driving license and has made known to the Company any endorsements or restrictions made to it by the licensing authorities.
    2 The client need to have his/ her own personal accident and medical insurance with repatriation and acknowledges the inherent risk and dangers of the tour and will travel entirely at own risk. The Company, its agents, or any other person assisting with them, will not be responsible for any personal loss, injury, accident, damage, delay or inconvenience whether caused by acts of the Company, its agents or events beyond the Company's control such as strikes, civil war, mechanical breakdown, weather etc.
    3 The client must be of 18 years or above.
    4 Trip itinerary can be changed due to weather, local conditions, strikes, insurgency, politics, or various other reasons. Such changes will always be at the sole discretion of the Company and no refund shall be considered.
    5 The company will not be responsible for any delays of flight, train or any other mode of transport or schedule changes at any stage throughout the trip. No refund will be considered in such cases.
    6 The client will have his/ her own responsibility for any damage, loss, or accident to an own vehicle or other property, whether owned, on hire, or loaned to him/ her.
    7 The client will comply strictly with the laws and customs of all countries visited, whether in respect of health, immigration, exchange control, drugs or any other matter.
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